Wired – God In You

Wired – God In You

In the search to make sense of some of life’s most basic questions, humankind has lost touch with where we came from and who we really are. Discover some principles that have been part of the race to be human since before time–divine principles that became part of our DNA template, wired into us at creation. Wired takes a real look at our relationship with God, our belief, faith and ability to walk through life despite some of its difficulties. Craig Smee was brought up in a religious world that caused hurt and rebellion. Having to rebuild his life from the bottom up, he looks at Christianity and God from a perspective that is fresh and unique all the while staying true to scripture.

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Craig is a husband to a beautiful God loving wife, a father to three incredible followers of Jesus, has planted several churches, led at a high level in corporate organizations, is a respected speaker and a social and digital media apostle. Above all Craig is well qualified to write on changing life around for the better–he has had to do it himself.

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