When looking at many churches embracing a digital approach to ministry, I have noticed two things.

First, to start with, their discipleship journey, vision and mission is not well defined in the brick and mortar environment. Ask any one of your church members what the vision of the church is, and what the steps are towards the church achieving their goals, and you may be surprised as to their answers. What is even more concerning is that not many members of the church do not know where they are in their journey towards becoming fully devoted followers of Christ and how they move to the next step in their relationship. Where they are going, how they will get there and where they are currently in relation to the vision is all a blur.

Second, churches then turn to digital to try and achieve clarity by taking blurry vision and dumping pages of content onto a website in an effort to try and demonstrate that they are hip happening and vibrant. Casting vision digitally for example is not creating copious amounts of content including mission statements, vision statements and the like and calling that “About Us”. It is also not taking the myriad of ministry activities published in your church bulletin and swamping your Facebook timeline with announcement type posts.

Clarify your vision, crystallize your discipleship vision and watch that clarity begin to emerge on your digital channels. Just as in real world church, digital church needs a champion and a visionary leader to ensure that church in the real is translated into awesome church in the digital.



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