'Blur' Tagged Posts

'Blur' Tagged Posts

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YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY 3 The term digital strategy in itself is flawed. By calling it a digital strategy it implies that we have other non-digital strategies, and yet the very success of your digital strategy and approach is how easily it co-exists with your physical world ministry strategy. It also creates the question – what is real-world and what is digital?. To a person who is unable to leave their home for whatever reason, any digital contact they have IS…


When looking at many churches embracing a digital approach to ministry, I have noticed two things. First, to start with, their discipleship journey, vision and mission is not well defined in the brick and mortar environment. Ask any one of your church members what the vision of the church is, and what the steps are towards the church achieving their goals, and you may be surprised as to their answers. What is even more concerning is that not many members…

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