'#losenone' Tagged Posts

'#losenone' Tagged Posts

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YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY 3 The term digital strategy in itself is flawed. By calling it a digital strategy it implies that we have other non-digital strategies, and yet the very success of your digital strategy and approach is how easily it co-exists with your physical world ministry strategy. It also creates the question – what is real-world and what is digital?. To a person who is unable to leave their home for whatever reason, any digital contact they have IS…

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MOVEMENT Many years ago, when I was building a digital agency in South Africa, I was intrigued by the ability of Scripture to impact my business. At the time I was soaking in the book of Nehemiah and built an entire business plan based on Nehemiah’s story. Nehemiah was able to create a social movement that managed to achieve an enormous task and I was completely sold out to building a business built campaigns for my clients that did the…

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