#LoseNone 2

#LoseNone 2


Many years ago, when I was building a digital agency in South Africa, I was intrigued by the ability of Scripture to impact my business. At the time I was soaking in the book of Nehemiah and built an entire business plan based on Nehemiah’s story. Nehemiah was able to create a social movement that managed to achieve an enormous task and I was completely sold out to building a business built campaigns for my clients that did the same. I didn’t just want to sell products for my clients, I wanted to create sustainable movements for them that people loved being a part of.

IBM started the Save The Planet movement that by the early 90’s had over 1500 other major organizations involved and millions of individuals mobilized. Nike started the Just Do It movement that is now part of colloquial speech in many communities. Coca-Cola created the Share Life movement that had people buying their products for strangers across the planet. Jesus created the church movement that is still the fastest growing and longest lasting social movement of all time.

It was here that I learned the importance of #PracticalScripture. The Bible and God’s Word is alive and is not limited to a generation or time. It contains just as much information on living in the desert in ancient Israel as it does to building a modern business or relevant digital strategy.

With this in mind, I began to seek scripture on how God would want us to do Digital Ministry. The desire to create social movement still lay within my heart. Using the marketing principles that had ensured secular success and researching their biblical equivalents, I began to work through platforms that could be used to create a social movement for Jesus. I began experimenting in the ministries I was involved with and quickly found not just a clear understanding on how to DO MINISTRY online, but also a methodology that other ministries could use to maximize their ministry on digital platforms and create the movements around the calling God had placed on their hearts.

I realized that at the heart of any ministry is a unique gift that could create a unique movement that would engage a unique audience with Christ at a whole new level. Digital platforms were simply the mechanism for these movements to gain momentum and to be expressed. Your ministry (movement) is unique and has a unique expression, audience and key to unlocking change and movement in people’s lives. The difference between a movement in ministry and a movement created for a secular brand is that we are motivated by sharing Christ and not selling a product.

As a result, this is not just a digital movement or a social media advertising gimmick. This is a strategic organizational approach that may become visible digitally but will impact your ministry and organization globally.

We want people’s lives to move from mediocrity towards Christ. We do not only achieve this by building a ministry structure (name, vision statement, Facebook page, website etc.) or just creating a culture of organizational well-being. We can achieve this by understanding the unique movement in society that God would have us create and then express the elements of the movement digitally.

A healthy organizational culture can easily give birth to a culture of movement. And the purpose of this material is to optimize the digital expression of your ministry (movement).

An example of this can be seen at Victory Life Church. The name of the church could just be seen as a name or as the title of the ministry. But when you begin to look at elements of the organization and listen to some the Senior Pastor’s (Duane Sheriff) teachings one quickly identifies that the church is sold out on people being victorious in Christ. Finding ways of moving people from their current situation towards Victory is their ‘thing’. Now engagement on social media platforms starts to take on a specific approach and a worldwide movement begins.

This material is not designed to help you understand your ministry calling but to simply help you understand the template you could use to link your movement to its digital expression and maximize engagement.

Questions you should ask:

  • What is the resultant movement you would like to see coming from your ministry? What change are you trying to accomplish through the call God has placed on your life?
  • What wakes you up at night that you believe God is asking you to change in society?
  • Does your mission and vision mirror your “wake me up at night” call?

Once you have some answers to these questions, you can begin to work through the Romans 12 template of how you express the movement of change you wish to start…



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