We recently discovered this incredible resource that will be very useful to anyone committed to developing good prayer habits.

Helping you to pray faithfully & widely

I hate it when I say that I will pray for someone and then it goes completely out of my mind. I have started using PrayerMate and I can not recommend it enough.

Check this out from the creators of PrayerMate

Prayer is an amazing privilege, but it’s also really hard work (the apostle Paul compares it to a wrestling match!) PrayerMate is an award-winning Christian prayer app that seeks to help you actually pray for all the people and causes you care about.

PrayerMate brings all your prayer points together. Whether it’s your personal prayer points for friends and family, regular updates from some fantastic mission organizations, or the latest PDF prayer letter that just arrived in your inbox, PrayerMate puts it all together in one place and helps you get on and pray. Available free on iOS and Android.



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