Take Charge

Take Charge

Grow Up, Step Up, Skill Up, Build Up, and Stand Up.

Unlocking your God-given authority is a personal and spiritual journey. While there may not be a definitive formula, here are five general principles that can help you in this process:

1. GROW UP – Study Yourself: Do whatever it takes to gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and purpose. Reflect on your unique gifts and how they align with your calling. Believe that your gifts can and will have a positive impact on someone else.

2. STEP UP – Faith and Belief: Cultivate a strong faith in God and believe in your divine purpose. Trust in God’s guidance and allow your faith to fuel your confidence and actions. Your self-worth is not determined by who you are but by who you believe in!

3. SKILL UP – Personal Growth: Commit to continuous personal growth and development. Seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding through reading, learning, and engaging with mentors or spiritual leaders. Don’t take feedback personally, take it to the Holy Spirit so He can advise you on what to do with it.

4. BUILD UP – Integrity and Character: Build a foundation of integrity and character by aligning your actions with your values and principles. Be honest, compassionate, and treat others with respect and dignity. Say what you think and do what you say!

5. STEP UP – Courage and Boldness: Step out of your comfort zone and embrace courage and boldness. Take risks, face challenges, and pursue your dreams and goals with determination and conviction. The biggest achievement you can make is getting over your self-doubt.

Adapt these principles to your own circumstances and seek guidance from your faith, mentors, and personal experiences.

Four Questions You Need To Ask…

Here are four questions you can be asking to grow in faith, embrace your mentors, and grow from your experiences.

What dreams have I been keeping from those who love me?

When last did I ask those who love me what they can see in me that I can’t believe about myself?

When last did I ask God, who loves me, to reveal more of His incredible character to the world – through me?

Who can I hang out with that allow me to be myself and don’t make me worry about what they are thinking about me?


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