The Marriage Prayer Challenge – Day 5

The Marriage Prayer Challenge – Day 5

Day 5: Wisdom and Decision Making

We sometimes communicate with our spouse in a way we understand and then lose it when they don’t! Your spouse has different communication styles for different situations. It’s our privilege and blessing to study our spouses and do the very best we can at communicating to them – their way.

Pray for open and honest communication, and that you both may work together to maintain a strong and united bond in your marriage. Ask the Lord to reveal what your spouse’s communication style is. Ask for forgiveness for specific instances where you have dismantled Unity and contributed to a break down in communication.

Here is how the challenge works:

1. Both of you pray aloud giving each other space to express your prayers.

2. Your prayer is between you and the Father. It’s not a lecture or a dig at your spouse. The intimacy of this process is formed by simply praying to the Father and allowing your spouse to listen in.

3. Meditate on the challenge for the day before praying together.

4. If you feel vulnerable, remember to stay vulnerable before the Father and not worry about what your spouse is thinking.

5. If you are second to pray don’t use your prayer as a retort or feel your prayer isn’t as good as your spouses.

6. Prayer through the challenge seeking change in your heart and in your approach.

Here are the daily subjects that vl will be expanded in each day:

1. Love and Support

2. Health and Well-being

3. Spiritual Growth

4. Wisdom and Decision Making

5. Unity and Communication

Remember that prayer is a personal and intimate act, so feel free to tailor these prayers to your specific situation and needs.


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