Zandspruit Johannesburg

Zandspruit Johannesburg

Church Partner Update
As we continue to expand our support of churches worldwide, it is our greatest honor to partner with At Every Nation Zandspruit and Pastors Alex and Fluer Boussougou.

Pastors Alex and Fluer have been friends with Dr. Craig Smee for over a decade and were trained in the church Dr. Craig and Ms. Leanne planted in Johannesburg. They attended the Bible College and prepared themselves for ministry. More recently, they have partnered with Every Nation to start this new church. Having been blessed with an amazing venue, they have jumped into the adventure of starting a new church.

The area Zandspruit is an informal settlement in Johannesburg, South Africa, and carries its fair share of social issues and problems. We will continue to update you as we develop out the needs, but your giving will help partners such as these as we grow the Church everywhere.


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