Posts from November 2018

Posts from November 2018

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DISCOVER Matthew 28:18-20 is our commission from Jesus. The commission starts with the word “Go.” Jesus uses that word to get us moving. When it comes to this commission Jesus wants us to have whatever we need to get it done!  Romans 12:6-8 speaks of the gifts that we have been given to accomplish our great commission and it uses similar language. We have been given gifts to activate and get moving for the benefit of others. It’s all about…

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A COLLECTIVE STORY WORTH TELLING Romans 12 asks us to do what we believe we have been called to do-well (Romans 12: 6-8). We are to tell the world what God has placed in our heart. Our ministries vision statement is simply a summary of a collective story. Whatever our ministries vision, it is what we have been called to do collectively. An organization like your ministry is the sum total of personal Ideas, visions; purpose and direction. It is…

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YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY 3 The term digital strategy in itself is flawed. By calling it a digital strategy it implies that we have other non-digital strategies, and yet the very success of your digital strategy and approach is how easily it co-exists with your physical world ministry strategy. It also creates the question – what is real-world and what is digital?. To a person who is unable to leave their home for whatever reason, any digital contact they have IS…

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