Single Messages

Single Messages

The Power of God’s Prophetic Personality

Harnessing the Power of God’s Prophetic Personality Function vs. Relationship The commands of God before Jesus were referred to as the law. …became a practice and a religion that eroded and did not enhance people’s relationship with God. …promoted a task-driven function that placed people in a pecking order based on their degree of performing the function. The adjudication of how well you did the function was judged by an establishment of those who created the function.  And all this…

God’s Prophetic Personality

God’s Prophetic Personality In today’s unstable and unpredictable world, never before has there been a greater need to be fully reliant on the WORD of God! There is a need to deepen our knowledge and extend our trust. MORE THAN KNOWING THE PROMISE Promise-based Christianity is the start. But as we enter times of such radical opposition to the morality and principles of God, we have to move to be completely immersed in His prophetic personality. A flesh-based hope has…

End Game

V2.023: End GameThe Fear—Faith EraThe year of divine discomfort.If you fear God, you won’t fear the end.If we stand in the face of worldly fear without the fear of God, we are in the mosttreacherous of places.If you have faith in God, you won’t have the desire to have faith in man-madesolutions.The World has adopted a fear that has caused them to place their faith inthemselves.Dread of the end or what’s next will have you placing your faith in all…


Gratitude is formed in a heart of contentment. Thankfulness is found amidst peace and satisfaction.

How To Neighbor?

Being a Christian is loving the person in front of you the way Jesus first loved the soul inside of you.