Resources from August 2023

Resources from August 2023

Spiritual Warfare – Demons, Angels, Spirits and Attitudes

DINNER AND THE WORD – ATTACK AND DEFEND SESSION 30  Demons, Angels, SPIRITS & Attitudes REVELATION CHAPTER 12 AND VERSES TEN AND ELEVEN  THE BATTLEGROUND In Christian spirituality, spiritual warfare often invokes thoughts of an intense cosmic struggle between the forces of good and evil. This battle is not fought with conventional weapons but rather through the INTERPLAY of supernatural entities like demons, angels, spirits, and the ATTITUDES of believers. These elements influence our journey in spiritual warfare, shedding light…

The Real Issue – Spiritual Warfare

SPIRITUAL WARFARE – OVER-PLAYED, OVERRATED OR OVERLOOKED? We can quickly become unbalanced whenever we take a teaching, philosophy, or biblical text out of context. Since the beginning of church history, contexts and situations have caused us to gravitate toward specific teachings or biblical concepts that create DIVISIONS and CONFUSION when believed outside of the balance of scripture.  In John the Baptists day it looked like this: At this time John the Baptist was baptizing at Aenon, near Salim, because there…


A QUICK GUIDE TO STUDYING SCRIPTURE Using these three words, application, inspiration, and revelation (in any order) to study the Word of God may help you discover a whole new lens to scriptures you know and those you do not. STEP 1 Read the scripture in different translations three or four times daily for three days. Every time you read it, note any thoughts, highlights, or ideas that may come to mind. STEP 2 Circle or highlight any words you…

Reveal Study Sessions 27-30: Attack and Defend

ATTACK AND DEFEND (Sessions 27-30) Spiritual warfare and the battle of right and wrong rage in our minds and the unseen realms of the universe. Let us win the war we have been given to fight. Download Each Session Here: