Training vs. Training

Training vs. Training


Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally.

Trying never achieves consistent results. Training does.

TRYING is an attempt to change with the least possible commitment or only a half-hearted motivation.  

TRY read bible—TRY to be nice—TRY not to order dessert.

“Trying” gives you plenty of room to fail!

TRYING is an attempt to change with the least possible commitment


TRAINING is a wholehearted commitment to achieving a specific result. The result? Gal 5:22-23


KNOW THE DIFFERENCE (Trying vs. training)

Training speaks to the journey of the transformation of our character. Trying speaks to a fleeting moment of success.


When you’re TRYING—Show up, with a flesh-based desire and a failure-based vision!

TRAINING—You arrive with a God-inspired game plan and a Word-backed strategy!



Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training

Greek—to contend for victory, to strain every nerve toward the goal.

We need to cause our flesh some agony. We need to get it trained to listen to our spirit.

Our reactions, habits, and responses are no longer governed by how we feel in the moment but what Jesus has done with our eternity.



Train yourself to be godly.

(Didn’t say, Try godly)


Training is doing what I can do today, to enable me to do even more tomorrow. 


You may not be able to run a marathon today, so walk a mile today!

Get out of debt by next month? Bring coffee to work don’t get Starbucks.

Spiritual powerhouse by noon? Open your Bible today!

Not trying better marriage—Great marriage—In Training!

Not trying better parent—Godly parent—In Training!

Not trying to avoid porn—Ambassador of Jesus—In Training!


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