39, 732 Reasons to Move On

39, 732 Reasons to Move On

The average number of steps an athlete will take when running a marathon is 39, 732. Maybe you are like me and it would more likely be closer to 54,182 steps because that’s the average number of walking steps it takes to walk a marathon. And I would definitely have to walk more than I ran!

Every step, from step number 1 to the step across the finish line, has a purpose. Its purpose is to set you up, to propel you forward to the next step. A step is not really a step if it’s not helping to plant your other foot down to make your next step happen. There is harmony, a rhythm, that begins to form as an athlete gets into the momentum needed to run a race well. As each step is measured and planted, setting up the next, gaining momentum, the athlete gets into a zone where all else fades away and the steps they take, become their sole focus.

Each step is needed to create the moments that make up your momentum. The origin of the word moment was used to describe a “movement of time”. Each intentional step we take is a moment that will create movement or momentum in our lives.

There is an intentionality about momentum and growth that has to happen as we run life’s race. We just can not afford to linger so long on step number 1, 245 that we never really get to step number 1, 246, never mind the step that helps us cross the finish line. I know that our past hurts and shame are often spoken of as some of the reasons why we don’t get moving and get into a rhythm of momentum. Shame, hurt, guilt and condemnation all keep us trapped in a moment that makes movement or momentum seem impossible. But just for a moment, I wanted to consider another reason why some of us never really run our race well – selfishness!

I spoke recently and addressed the concept that our past successes and hurts are the very moments in our lives that qualify us all to have a strong passion and to be able to help others have better moments or steps in their lives. We are after all not running this race on our own right? If we suddenly stop in a marathon, runners behind us are affected, sometimes disastrously. But if we can allow good momentum to carry us through the difficult, tough steps, AND keep us moving through the pride of having made successful ones, we show others how to run and lead well too. But if we get so wrapped up in ourselves and our steps, we often stop in a moment that hinders our growth. Don’t get stuck on a difficult step or continue reliving the good ones, for the sake of others’ growth and your own momentum in life – MOVE ON!

Here are 4 Move On Habits for you to think about:

  1. Be deliberate about your thoughts and responses – Take 3 moments when you would have defaulted to complaining and choose to be cheerful. Your moment impacts others moments. It’s called living with purpose!
  2. Get rid of excused behaviour – Maybe just maybe your excuse does not justify the behavior. Find someone you trust and be vulnerable about the last time you were accused or confronted about a weakness and why you were able to justify your behavior. Its called being vulnerable!
  3. Figure out unexplained behavior. You don’t know why you did something or responded in a ceratin way? Start to think through some of the reasons or triggers to your thoughts or behaviors and ask yourself if that trigger moment is still valid for the moment that it happened in or was it something from your past that still governs your current momentum? It’s called being transparent!
  4. Create meaningful feedback loops. Thinking that you are always right creates an immediate imbalance in your character. Setup regular opportunities to discover ways you could have improved in your responses, decisions,  and habits. It’s time to stop with all the excuses!


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