The What Hustle

The What Hustle

In the hustle and bustle of life, we can often get caught up in life’s “whats” keeping us very busy. “What” I have to do, “what” I have to get, “what” I have to say… But when we compare the hustle to the life proposed to us in scripture, we leave much of the passion, fun, and excitement of life behind as we rush forward to get the “what” done!

Haggai recorded God’s answer to this. When God saw the hustle of the people getting caught up in their “what” lives He commanded them: “Consider your ways!” God wants us to concentrate on growing and developing our character. He wants us to expand in our personal relationship with Him, and in that arena, our “what” doesn’t quite cut it! He wants your “who”!

So consider your week. Not only reflect but also plan to get more “who” you are and “who” you want to become type stuff done! That’s where the excitement is. It’s fun to grow in our character and develop better responses, decision-making processes, and habits. It might not seem like it, but speak to people who have kicked bad habits, learned to appreciate their spouse in a new way, or become better parents and you will see a glint in their eyes that the business of “what” could never have put there.


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